Let's Explore with an Essential List of ICU hospitals in Dhaka

Let's Explore with an Essential List of ICU hospitals in Dhaka

  • 09 Dec 2023
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People with life-threatening illnesses get all kinds of important care in the Intensive Care Unit, or ICU. Conditions that need care right away, close tracking by life-saving devices, and life-saving drugs to keep the patient's body working normally.

The ICU Hospital in Dhaka is an important place for health care in the middle of Bangladesh's busy capital city. This modern hospital is a shining example of improved critical care that can save the lives of people with serious health problems. The ICU Hospital is a safe place for people in need because of its caring staff, cutting-edge technology, and dedication to compassionate care. Inside its halls, people's lives are saved, and their families feel better knowing that their loved ones are getting the best care possible. The ICU Hospital shines as a sign of hope and healing in Dhaka's changing health care system.

If the patient's condition keeps getting worse, they are sent straight to the ICU. Now, almost every hospital has an ICU. If a patient's health is going worse, they are given all the tools they need to get better as soon as possible. If a person needs a big operation or surgery, a doctor may put them in the ICU ward.

Contact Number of Hospitals with ICU support

Name of Hospital Contact Number 
Evercare Hospital Dhaka 09666-710678 
AMZ Hospital Ltd. 10699, 01847331010 
Asgar Ali Hospital 09666-710602 
Renaissance Hospital & Research Institute Ltd.01712-259761 
ICU Specialized Hospital Limited 01854-560761 
CKD & Urology Hospital ( ICU & NEPHROLO) 02-9127306 
Bangladesh Specialized Hospital 09666-700100 
Dhaka Paediatric-Neonatal & General Hospital 01618-225566 
City Hospital & Diagnostic Center 02-8143312 
Samorita Hospital Ltd. 02-48117618, 48117619, 48115405 
Ad-Din Women's Medical College Hospital 02-9353391 
Monowara Hospital Private Limited 01715-839400 
Impulse Hospital01715-016727 
Dhaka Community Medical College and Hospital 02-9351190 
Al-Karim General Hospital Limited 01926-633987 
Baridhara General Hospital 01768-612835 
CARE Medical College & Hospital 01703-198859 
Al Helal Specialized Hospital, Dhaka. 02-9006820 
Aichi Hospital Ltd. 02-44891001 
United Hospital Limited 01914-001234 
Dhanmondi General And Kidney Hospital Limited 02-9670372 
Insaf Barakah Kidney and General Hospital 01716-306631 
Islami Bank Hospital, Motijhil 02-9336423 
Popular Medical College Hospital 09613-787800 
Ibn Sina Specialized Hospital01823-039800 
Rushmono Specialized Hospital02-49357700 
Islami Bank Hospital, Begum Rokeya Sarani 01992-346631 
Central Hospital Ltd. 02-9660015 
Millennium Heart & General Hospital Ltd. 02-9124046 
Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College Hospital02-48311721 
BIRDEM General Hospital 02-9661551 
LABAID Specialized Hospital 09666-710606 
Square Hospital 09610-010616 
Kingston Hospital 01952-989866 
Comfort Diagnostic Centre Pvt. Ltd. 01731-956033 
Proshanti Hospital Limited 02-8318699 
Japan East West Medical College Hospital 09611-222666 
Khidmah Hospital Private Limited 09606-063030 
Farazy Hospital Ltd.01766-111137 
Kurmitola General Hospital 02-55062388 
Japan Bangladesh Friendship Hospital 02-9672277 
Nostrum Hospital 01786-355355
Universal Medical College Hospital Ltd. 01841-480000
BIRDEM General Hospital 2 (Child and Mother)02-41050710 
Royal Care And Surgical Hospital 02-9661528
Padma General Hospital Ltd. 01783-199990
Dhaka Central International Medical College 02-9128727 
Ahsania Mission Cancer and General Hospital 02-8931141 
BIHS Hospital 01783-917151 
Uttara Cresent Hospital 01917-704156 
Pancare Hospital Ltd.01844-001024 
Memory Medical Centre 02-48314317 
Delta Medical College & Hospita02-9029152 
Delta Hospital Ltd. 02-9022410 
Islami Bank Central Hospital, Fakirapul 02-9355801 
Dhanmondi Clinice Private Ltd.01970-476626 
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University 09611-677777 
Hi-tech Multicare Hospital 01672-241413 
Medical College For Women and Hospital 02-8913939 
DR. AZMAL HOSPITAL LTD 09612-304304 
BRB Hospitals Limited 02-9140333 
MARKS Medical College & Hospital 02-8057776 
KC Hospital & Diagnostic Center 01777-753464 
Metropolitan Medical Centre Ltd.01718-237035 
Green Life Medical College Hospital 02-9612345 
Reliance General & Renal Hospital 01849-428888 
Anwer Khan Modern Medical College Hospital 02-9670295 
Shin Shin Japan Hospital 02-8921429 
Sajida Hospital 02-9890513 
Hi-Care General Hospital Ltd. 02-55094231 
Central Police Hospital 01796-500117 
Ashiyan Medical College Hospital 01841-133501 
Pro-Active Medical College & Hospital Ltd. 01902-556070 
Combined Military Hospital (CMH) 01724-579521 
Gonoshasthaya Nagar Hospital 01716-838078 
Enam Medical College and Hospital 01716-358146